Child Protection Policy


The care and protection of children at Procter Dance Academy is of the highest importance for everyone. Everything possible will be done to implement Government guidelines on child protection to keep children safe and to protect them from danger.


  1. To establish excellent and effective procedures for keeping children safe.
  2. To put into place and follow Government guidelines for child protection.
  3. To ensure that staff, Matrons and Chaperones are provided with the required information and instruction to carry out their responsibilities well.
  4. To ensure that there is a quick and effective response to any incident.
  5. To identify any children who may be at risk quickly and take appropriate action, in line with Safeguarding/ Child Protection policy.
  6. To ensure all staff and helpers are vetted before being allowed to assist children.
  7. To ensure good consultation and communication of information to all relevant staff.
  8. To provide relevant information to various outside agencies when appropriate (eg Sefton MBC).


  1. All staff will follow the procedures agreed with the Local Authority and in keeping with Government guidelines/law.
  2. There is an appropriate ‘nominated member of staff’ who must be informed immediately of any concern and they will lead the Academy’s response to any concern
    1. The Principal – Lorna Cook (nee Procter)
  3. If there is any allegation made concerning the nominated members of staff or others, then a member of the Academy’s leadership team must be informed and they will assume the role of ‘nominated member of staff’ until the allegation has been investigated and fully resolved.
  4. Detailed records will be kept at every stage and in line with Data Protection Act. These will be kept safe where only nominated members of staff will have access.
  5. Risk assessments for performances will be in place and agreed with all parties involved in any production.
  6. All staff or parents involved in assisting at performances (Matron and Chaperones) will be vetted and the Academy will hold all DBS information and make this available to the Local Authority as required.
  7. Outside agencies will be fully involved at appropriate stages, as required.


Children will be happy and enjoy their time at the Academy. The protection of children is the responsibility of everyone in the Academy when they are in attendance and so all will be vigilant in their duty of care of children whilst under tuition. Parents are responsible for their children once they have been collected and signed out of class.