Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Policy

Principles and Values

Procter Dance Academy (PDA) is a community of learning where staff are involved in a continuous process of improvement and enrichment.

PDA is committed to promoting continuous learning and aims to motivate and develop its staff and students. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is the means by which PDA achieves this aim.

CPD promotes high morale and self esteem within staff, building a satisfied workforce through personal and professional fulfilment. This is achieved through a variety of levels – through the individual, the team and the whole organisation.

PDA supports the Teacher’s Standards developed by the Department for Education (DfE) which states that teachers should ‘take responsibility for improving teaching through appropriate professional development’.

It believes that a clear and progressive opportunity to develop professionally and personally improves standards and raises morale. It also believes that CPD assists recruitment and encourages staff loyalty.

All staff are entitled to high-quality induction and continuing support and development. This organisation’s CPD provision will allow staff to progressively develop skills and abilities, allowing them to build on and reinforce skills and expertise.

Key Points

Continuing Professional Development:

Roles and Responsibilities

There are two key partners involved within any individual’s professional development – the organisation and the individual. This partnership requires trust and clarity of roles and responsibilities. The following provides guidance on these roles.

The Role of the Organisation

The organisation’s commitment to CPD can be demonstrated by both policy and practice in recruiting and retaining a well qualified and well motivated workforce. This commitment will involve:

The Role of the Individual

The workforce of all teaching organisations includes a wide range of staff either directly involved in the teaching of pupils or in supporting their learning either inside or outside the classroom.

All staff within the organisation should: