Health & Safety Policy

Statement of Intent

Procter Dance Academy has a responsibility to ensure the Health and Safety of pupils, workers (whilst working on or off PDA premises).

PDA through management at all levels, will provide, as far as is reasonably practicable, a working environment that is safe and with minimum risk to workers (including self-employed), students, visitors and members of the public. PDA will fulfil its responsibilities by taking steps to work in accordance with relevant Health and Safety legislation, published Approved Codes of Practice and good working practices.

This will be achieved by:

Organisation of Health and Safety

  1. Overall and final responsibility for health and safety: Lorna Cook.
  2. Day-to-day responsibility for ensuring this policy is put into practice: Lorna Cook.
  3. To ensure health and safety standards are maintained/improved, the following people have responsibility in the following areas: Lorna Cook: safety, risk assessment and policies, consultation requirements, accidents (recording), first aid, emergency procedures, fire and evacuation.

All those who attend PDA should:

Arrangements for health and safety. Our risk assessment.